Shaw & Co

Shaw & Co’s new Funding Academy identity takes off

With the launch of Shaw and Co's new Funding Academy for businesses needing support, including strategic and financial mentoring, academic expertise and access to a broad network of experts and investors; they needed a coherent visual identity that captures their new Scaleup programme in the face of growing competition.


After taking time to fully understand Shaw & Co’s offering we directed a photoshoot focused on communicating Shaw & Co’s enthusiasm, tenacity and creativity through their people in and around their everyday working environment. We wanted to champion employees as an integral part of both their potential candidates, client’s and the company’s future successes.


A new graphic territory for the Funding Academy brochure plays on the idea of innovation and humanity by combining minimalist graphics with authentic imagery. The design brings simplicity, elegance and warmth while helping lead potential candidates through the programme.


We worked closely with Shaw & Co’s in-house team to design every part of the Funding Academy experience, from arrival to departure which included a range of merchandise and material assets that all needed to work consistently with the new identity.

“Anatomy did a fantastic job in translating our vision for our Scaleup material into a striking reality!”