Kinema Audio

A sleek modern website for an award winning sound production studio

Kinema Audio is a leading sound production and recording studio in Nottingham dedicated to making exceptional audio recordings. They needed a sleek modern responsive website to show off their services, reflecting the standard of their award winning output.

Research and Concepts

We started this project with a series of conversations and a workshop to decipher the direction for their business and what aspects they wanted the website to spotlight. This fed into the sitemap, wireframes and concepts which focused on the studio environment as a multi-purpose space used for their own composition output and as recording studio for hire. One of its key features is a video on the landing page that captures the space and its functionality.


As part of the redesign of the website we helped Kinema develop their branding for a digital audience – developing font hierarchies and colour palettes; designing iconography and using subtle interactions and animations to further enhance the feel of the site. There was a strong emphasis on using sound examples of their work throughout the site which led us to create a simple audio player that allows the viewer to easily listen wherever they are on the site.

Testimonial coming soon