Call of the Brave

A brave, illustration-based identity for a sustainable fashion brand

Our story starts with Dave, a regular t-shirt wearing web designer who decided to put together his love of t-shirts, web design and sustainable fashion to found ‘Call of The Brave’, an e-commerce site that allows anyone to submit a t-shirt design, start a campaign and sell online with a proportion of the profits going to people affected by unfair fashion.


We loved the idea that anyone could be a hero by submitting a design or making a purchase, so the letter ‘B’ in the name was used as a symbol that when turned on it’s side, transforms into a heroes mask to represent the people – changing the world, one t-shirt at a time.


T-shirt labels and tags were designed to reinforce Call of The Brave’s mission. The identity was bought to life with the addition of a personal avatar for Dave, adding a sense of playfulness to the identity.


Custom mailing boxes were designed to tell Call of the Brave’s story and mission using a quirky delivery and playful graphics. The packaging was screen printed using environmentally friendly water based inks, reflecting the process and craft behind t-shirt printing.


We used lifestyle imagery to reflect the brand story, supported by aspirational words to encourage people not just to buy a t-shirt but become a part of Call of The Brave. The website ultimately needed the right balance between business passion and commerce.

“Anatomy captured our values, personality and took the identity and branding for Call of the Brave to another level. They're also are great to work with, passionate about what they do and showed professional integrity throughout.”