Alfresco Disco

A fresh identity and website for an adventurous new winter festival

A new festival project run by the ever adventurous Alfresco Disco. We were asked to take the essence of their UK events and apply it to a winter ski festival in Austria. The brand identity for the event was to run across a website, advertising and programmes.


For the identity we created a bold illustration style and colour palette which ran across all the collatoral. We referenced vintage ski posters and put a contemporary take on it to create a unique visual style.


To celebrate the festival we screen printed a limited run of posters that were for sale throughout the week.


The website  brought the identity to life with the use an intro animation. We focused on clear calls to action driving people to buy tickets, whilst maintaining the feel of the identity across all pages.

“Anatomy managed to capture the essence of our brand and translate it to the festival. We have had such good feedback on everything and we couldn't be happier with the end result”

Luke Turner - Creative Director at Alfresco Disco