December 2017

Bringing Anatomy to life

by Zamira Drew

Our creative partner, Zamira Drew, discusses the team’s process for creating a new identity for Anatomy…

Who are Anatomy? What does Anatomy feel and look like? These were some of the questions we asked ourselves as we embarked on creating a new identity for our design studio, Anatomy.

The name ‘Anatomy’ is defined as ‘a bodily structure and the make-up of its parts’, which could metaphorically reflect the composition of anything that has been created or designed, it could relate to a piece of packaging, an app, a brand…

We wanted to create a visual identity that not only expressed a sense of the meaning behind our name, but explore the essence of what we do – use creativity to connect with people to bring ideas to life.

‘Anatomy’ can also used to describe the characteristic components of letterforms, so we were keen to explore a typographic route. We searched for a typeface that would be scalable and translate well across different channels and fell in love with Graphik’s minimalist, paired back forms. The typeface references a classic geometric san serif, while feeling modern, approachable and warm. Graphik became the perfect foundation for our identity.

We had a logotype with a solid structure, now we needed our identity to feel alive and be more than a static word. To pay homage to the meaning of Anatomy, we created a series of brand marks designed around the bodily structure of the letter ‘A’. The starting point was to separate each letter into parts to create dynamic, geometric shapes and playful forms that are constantly connecting and changing.

The overarching shape of each ‘A’ remains the same, however, the internal structure is always different, reflecting the way we see brands as constantly evolving and adaptable. To help tie all aspects of the brand together, we introduced a monochrome palette, which is disrupted by vivid colours to bring life, passion and energy to our identity.

Our flexible identity system creates endless possibilities within a visually consistent framework. It’s a strong and enduring graphic system for Anatomy, breathing life into an identity that’s flexible yet structured, reflects what we do and feel, yet has the versatility to evolve and grow with us over time.

We can’t wait to see where it takes us!