Print series to celebrate five cities around the world

Livingbridge is an independent private equity firm, based in the UK, the US and Australia. With five offices based in five major cities, Anatomy were commissioned to create a set of limited edition prints, each inspired by the different city’s familiar landmarks or locations which use a visual play on an unfamiliar fact.

Ideas and Pictures

It starts with ideas and after exploring many different routes, our illustrations combined minimal details and the use of negative space to create images with double meanings. We wanted to create strong images that would tell a story without using many words.

Printing Process

The minimalist style and flat colours in the final illustrations worked well with screen printing as a medium. We collaborated with White Duck Editions, to make the final limited edition prints.


“In the 19th Century, mariners the world over came to rely on Greenwich Meantime, which was adopted as the standard time zone across the world.”


“It would take around 20,000 strands of spaghetti to cover the entire distance of Birmingham’s famous motorway interchange, Spaghetti Junction.”


“Industrialisation in the 19th century transformed Manchester and it inspired many novelists including Charles Dickens, who used it as the influence for his book ‘Hard Times’.”


“Boston’s Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon, renowned for its epic scenery and challenging hills, the most famous being ‘Heartbreak Hill’.”


“Melbourne has the highest number of restaurants and cafes per capita than any other city in the world.”

Testimonial coming soon